04.03 - 24.04 2022

The exhibition Seeders presents three independent solo exhibitions by artists, all of whom graduated in 2021, under a common title; Signe Rohardt Lund from Funen Art Academy; Signe Cygan from Jutland Art Academy; and Yujin Jung from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

4/3-13/3 Intervals - Yujin Jung

1/4-10/4 Wandering, Not Through Ice - Signe Cygan

15/4-24/4 PlayTime - Signe Rohardt Lund

Yujin Jung's Intervals is an immersive 6-channel sound and video installation that invites the audience to sit down together and join a 43 min journey exploring the theoretical and poetic aspects of sound in different sonic worlds. The work is based on the artists' grandmother, her life story and nightly dreams; as well as in the myths and tales associated with the traditional Korean burial clothing sambe. Traditionally, sambe is a practice associated with humility, diligence and connectedness to the earth, but in modern times sambe is under pressure from capitalism's demands for speed and mass production. Through an interplay between image, sound, installation and performance, Intervals' oral and craft traditions weave together into a narrative of the knowledge we are on the verge of losing; about responsibility, tenderness and care for the course of nature and for the generations to come before and after ourselves.

In Signe Cygan's installation Wandering, Not Through Ice, we find ourselves in the middle of what could be reminiscent of a zen garden. Six East Jutlandic fieldstones are spread out on the floor of the exhibition space and along one wall is a bench that invites rest and reflection. In each stone is engraved a short, poetic statement that in a subtle way evokes a garden and its life. This happens through ascertainments and invitations to the viewer, so that you thereby experience e.g. the sound of pebbles, fish jumping (perhaps in a stream?), and the unambiguous presence of the moon. Inspired by meditation practices, Cygan invites us to listen attentively to the material of the work, to the world around us and to the spaces and cracks that arise in it.

Around the two pillars of the exhibition space, a rhythmic rail in bent steel slips in and mimics a simplified version of the roller coaster we know from amusement parks or flea markets. At knee height stands a series of suction cup arrows that have been sucked to the floor as if it was the target of a shooting tent, and at the end of each arrow we find the prize; a synthetic rose. In the installation PlayTime, Signe Rohardt Lund examines the anatomy and self-narrative of the amusement park; a place dedicated to optimizing a sense of free play, fun and leisure, and which is enshrined in our childhood memories of endless summer vacations. Between stalls and carousels, Rohardt Lund stages how the experience-economic framework of the place sets up a capitalist space of opportunity, where excitement and freedom are among the prizes promised. The installation balances on the edge of the recognizable, like a theme park, whose narrative opens up to the viewer's own narratives.

The exhibition title Seeders draws on peer-to-peer file sharing, where the term covers the user who uploads the original file to a file sharing platform. From here, others, leechers, can download it and share it in an endless cycle. Throughout the three exhibitions, Rohardt Lund, Cygan and Jung share thoughts, observations and images of a contemporary stretched out between capitalist demands for efficiency and profit optimization, and the need to look inward and direct a gentle attention to what we come from and that, which we sow.

Exhibition Text by Louise Steiwer.

The exhibition is kindly supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and Aarhus Municipality.

Poster design by Natal Zaks